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Project achievements

One of our targets was the preservation of the historic wine cellars - and thus the natural and cultural heritage - in the project region through measures for touristic valorization.

It is easy to show that we have achieved this target. When we started the project the bookable Kellerstöckl from the region were about 25-30 pieces in 2018. Now there are 120 pieces.
For example, in the municipality of Deutsch Schützen-Eisenberg take the overnight stays from 8.447  to 11.412. That's 3000 more overnight stays! Of course, tourism has suffered greatly from the restrictions imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are a couple of before and after photos from Kellerstöckls:



For more information and downloadable promotional materials, visit the partner websites:

You are welcome to download our "guideline", the operator model for our cross-border wine adventures region:
operator model german
operateor model hungarian

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