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Women Enhancing Public Sector

Although the percentage of employed women in the public sphere in the project region is greater than in the private sector, a contra selection/system error exists: it takes women a lot longer to reach the height of their career in the public sphere. Because of their age or rather woman-specific life situations (which could be characteristic for men too), that woman employees have to face challenges in their career. In contrast, the private sector reacts to the accelerated environment more effectively, because of their flexible system/working conditions. A special case, a switch from the public sphere to the private economy (and in reverse)  could occur. The attitude of senior male employees, as well as that of managers and decisionmakers towards the problems and challenges women have to face are often one-sided.
There are/were multiple national initiatives launched to improve the situation of female employees working in the public sphere, but none that would approach the subject from a cross-border perspective and execute a fact finding endeavor based on a jointly developed methodology. Within the scope of this project - based on the results of the aforementioned ascertainment - a training program (toolkit) will be developed and implemented, complemented by different target-group-specific awareness raising activities. As a result, the job market situation and equality of women working in the public sphere will be improved.
To ensure the long-term sustainable application of the developed activities, a cross-border institutional network will be established at least with the participation of the PPs and SPs, through a strategic agreement and an action plan.
The political sustainability of the project results and their consideration in decision-making processes will be ensured by the inclusion and awareness raising of decision makers as well as through the Policy Recommendation that is to be created.


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