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Competence development in English and German languages in Zalaegerszeg


The employees from Zala County Government – Lead Beneficiary – and an employee from the Prime Minister's Office took part in a competence development training in English and German languages for six weeks at the premises of the Zala County Government. The main goal of the training was to establish and improve the foreign language communication skills and competences of the participants. The programme was interactive and speech-centric. The training has contributed to the improvement of their daily communication skills, therefore, the efficiency of their work increases and their self-confidence grows.

Hybrid Closing Conference


„WORK AND GENDER - IS EVERYTHING FAIR?!“ This question was asked by high-ranking representatives of public administration from Austria and Hungary, experts from public administration and civil organizations, as well as the project partners, and they presented current, future and necessary approaches and solutions for the career advancement of women at all levels of society.

94 participants took part in the event.

The achieved results of the project exceeded all expectations, and the achieved indicators exceeded the planned values.

Judit Vinhoffer – project manager of the Lead Beneficiary - presented the following results:

- Language skills development training (English, German)
53 participants, 7 courses
- Digital skills development training
123 participants, 10 courses
- Soft skills development training – social skills, personal skills, leadership skills
39 participants, 4 courses
- Sensitizing employees to the situation of women at work
55 participants, 7 courses
- Sensitizing managers to the situation of women at work
25 participants, 5 courses
- Sensitizing decision-makers to the situation of women at work - 9 participants, 1 course

- Language skills development training
11 participants
- Digital skills development training
47 participants
- Soft skills development training – social skills, personal skills, leadership skills
148 participants
- Sensitizing employees to the situation of women at work
75 participants
- Sensitizing managers to the situation of women at work
32 participants
- Sensitizing decision-makers to the situation of women at work
41 participants

E-publications are being prepared


Coordinated by the DAFF, 5 thematic E-publications will be produced in the coming months. The main themes of each brochure are:
-E-publication: career guide (useful information, problem-solving tips)
-E-publication for employers
-E-publication for trainers
-E-publication for employees
-E-publication practical guide (work-life balance)

The 6th cross-border project partner meeting took place. The host this time was DAFF.


For the 6th time, the project partners have consulted extensively. The partners reviewed the joint activities/results achieved so far and agreed on the most important events of the last period, such as the International Gender Conference, the training programmes and the final conference of the project.



Zala County Government, as the Lead Partner, is organising an awareness-raising, information roadshow, the first stop of which will be in Zalaegerszeg.

The event aims to improve the situation of women in the labour market and raise their political acceptance and awareness of their importance. The event will present, among other things, the experiences and results of the training programme of the "WomEn-Puls" project, as well as interactive activities.

Date of event: 2nd of March, 2022 at 9 a.m.
Venue of event: Megyeháza, Deák Ferenc terem, Zalaegerszeg, Kosztolányi út 10.

The technical toolkit program of the project has been expanded


In response to the negative processes caused by COVID-19, the project partnership has supplemented the project's technical program with an additional module entitled Work-life balance. In the course of this, extensive literature research (survey analyzes, studies, publications) was carried out. After their analysis, the common technical content of the training modules was defined in discussions, taking cross-border aspects into account. As a next step, each partner will conduct a series of training courses that focus on their own regional focus within the topic.

Project extension of Women-Puls project


Zala County Government – as Lead Partner of the Women_Puls project – managed to elaborate a new work package in the topic of ,,work-life balance”. The project extension was supported by the Monitoring Committee, as a result of which the project will end on the 31st of December, 2022. The total budget increased from EUR 840,000 to EUR 1,090,000, 85 % of which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Invitation: Awareness-raising information workshop meeting in Vas County in Women-Puls project


Vas County Government invites you the working group meeting in Vas County which is financed by Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary Cooperation Program 2014-2020 in Women-Puls project. The aim of the information event is to raise awareness, disseminate and accept equal opportunities for women and men among employees 'and employers' representatives and the general public.

Date: 26th of May, 2021 (Wednesday), 9.45-13.00
Access link of zoommeeting:

The creation of the bilateral gender network is in the preparatory phase in Burgenland


DAFF plans to include relevant organizations from Burgenland in the network. For this purpose, so-called regional meetings of the Burgenland organizations will take place, which will form potential membership of this bilateral gender network. The preparation of the planned meetings is in progress. More information will follow soon

The working group meeting is establishing a joint strategic network in Vas County in the framework of Women_Puls project


Vas County Government invites you to the working group meeting in Vas County, financed by Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary Cooperation Programme 2014-2020. The purpose of the event is to facilitate the establishment of a joint strategic network, to discuss the overall goals and advantages of the network, and to support the exchange of ideas between the partners.

Date: the 29th of March 2021 (Monday), 13.00-15.00
The working group meeting will be organized online on the following link:

Trainings will be organised by Zala County Government in the beginning of March.


Zala County Government will organise competence development trainings for female colleagues of the Lead Partner and the strategic partners in Zala county in the beginning of March. The series of trainings starts with the development of language competencies, which aims to develop German language skills.

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Gender competence for managers, Decision-makers and employees (m/f)


In November 2020, 6 online workshops were held by NOWA in Styria as part of WomEn-Puls. A total of 59 people participated in the workshops, 11 men and 48 women. 14 persons from Haus Graz and 13 persons from the Federal Government of Styria took part in the joint workshops of the Associated Partners, the cooperation and the exchange were rated as very positive by the participants. All presented content was well received and rated. There was an open and active atmosphere, the demand for further workshops was great, 42 of the 59 participants are interested in a follow-up workshop. Further online workshops to develop gender competence for managers, decision-makers and employees are planned for January 2021 in Styria.

Competency development of female employees in Burgenland


The first 4 modules developed within the framework of the in-service training and attitude formation program by the WomEn-Puls professional partnership were implemented between 05-08.10.2020 in Burgenland. The main topic of the modules was the competency development of Female employees. In light of the pandemic situation, each training module was implemented online. A total of more than 50 people employed in the public sphere participated in the 4 days of the development training. Each module has been integrated into the training programs offered by DAFF and will be available free of charge to individual target groups in the future.

The first competence development training for women was held by the Self-Government Office of Vas County


The Self-Government of Vas County organized a two-day competence development training for women on the 15th and 21th of September 2020 within the frame of the Women-Puls project. The female employees of the self-government office participated in the training in order to improve their labor market positions or career prospects in the future.

In the field of ,soft skills”, they learned about the importance of personal positioning and self-assessment, techniques of stress management, and reviewed the topic of time management to schedule their working time more efficiently.

Project meeting


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Study-visit in Vienna


Umbrella Association of Counselling Centres for Women, Girls and Families in Burgenland organized a 1-day study tour in Vienna.

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Study-visit in Győr-Moson-Sopron County


The project partners and strategy partners of WomEn-Puls project attended a 1-day study visit in Győr-Moson-Sopron County. The first destination was the town of Győr, where the participants visited the House of Parents, in which a professional team helps and supports the visitors in the difficult process of becoming a parent and a family. They provide also a childcare beside the trainings and counselling for the parents, so they can participate on the lectures. Judit Regős, the developer of the method introduced the company operating as a franchise system and the methodology itself.

In the afternoon the participants visited the Family and Career Center in Mosonmagyaróvár. Mónika Szokoli the project manager of Carreer Center and coordinator of the program introduced the project titled ”Together for the women in the family and in the workplace around the area of Mosonmagyaróvár”, by which they offer a complex program package for the families, parents and children. In the framework of the presentation the members of the professional staff informed us about the services which are available in the institution, and spoke about the trainings, counsellings being available free of charge for the target groups.



Self-Government Office of Vas County– as a project partner – held a workshop in Szombathely about the preparation of a questionnaire survey. The experiences of the event, in which participated the project partners, strategic partners and the external professional organizations from the Hungarian side, will be built in the questionnaires and they will help also the elaboration of the Methodology Handbook.

Kick-off conference


The WomEn-Puls kick-off conference was held on 20th of May, 2019 which organized by Zala County Government.
On the opening conference was attended by heads of austrian and hunagarian organization, such as director of DAFF, main director of Szent Rafael Hospital and heads of Government Offices from Zala and Vas County.

Mr. Imre Pácsonyi Vice President of General Assembly in Zala County outlined in his speech that, there is just a small number of organizations that are led by women in the private and public sector in spite of the continuously increasing level of higher education and expanding opportunities of career. It is important to raise the number of women in leading positions.

The office manager of Family and CarrerPont in Zalaegerszeg Zsanett Kovács presented the hungarian women’s position on the labour market and the second part of event the projectpartners informed the participants about their role of the WomEn-Puls project.

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