Interreg ornament

Project content

The goal of the project

Improving the situation of female employees working in the public sphere by developing and implementing training programs, changing the attitudes of decision makers and developing a cross-border cooperation network.

Briefly about the project

Project specific goals:

  • Developing a bilateral professional training program to promote equal opportunities of women and men in the public sector by a methodology package for  competence development.
  • Shaping the attitudes of the employers and employees in the public sector for improving  the equal opportunities of men and women.
  • Establish a cross-border strategic institutional cooperation network by concluding  a cooperation agreement, which guarantees the sustainability and long-term application of project results.

Results of the project:

During the project implementation public institutions participate in some activities as well and become members of the cooperation. The representatives of public sector (involv the private sector) will be the members, and their cooperation helps to solve the upcoming problems effectively and comprehensively. As the membership is expandable, thus additional  organizations can join, the long-term maintenance is even more assured. One of the most important part of the agreement is that the jointly developed training program will incorporate in the knowledge expansion and competence development programs of public sector.

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