Interreg ornament
Interreg ornament

Study-visit in Vienna


Umbrella Association of Counselling Centres for Women, Girls and Families in Burgenland organized a 1-day study tour in Vienna for the implementing and strategic partners of WomEn-Puls  project. The participants visited the Austrian Chancellery Office, in which Valerie Purth, staff member of Bar Association for Equal Treatment received them. The partners could get acquainted with the activities of the organization by real case studies. In the course of the afternoon program the participants got information about the activities of the Counselling Centre for Women and Girls in Austria  by Rosemarie Ertl, member of the Network of Counselling Centres. The center is currently the umbrella organization for 60 women and girls counselling centres in all the nine federal states.. The association under the same name was founded in 1995 in order to represent the common interests in a better way.

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