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Interreg ornament



The teachers and students of HTL Mödling, the Vas Megyei Szakképzési Centrum Hefele Menyhért Szakképző Iskola, the Zalaegerszegi SZC Deák Ferenc Technikum and the Nagykanizsai SZC Zsigmondy Vilmos Technikum visited furniture companies of outstanding importance in the Austrian-Hungarian border region on 1 December 2022, in the framework of the Interreg EduWood study trip.

The first visit was to a very special site, the F. List factory in Thomasberg, where interiors for yachts and private jets are made.

They then visited the new Sixay Furniture showroom and factory. The history and work of the founder-owner László Szikszai was presented to the participants. They could observe the materials, construction and solutions of the design solid wood furniture.

Afterwards, young people were given an insight into the work of one of the largest furniture companies in the region, IKEA Industry Hungary Kft. in Sopron, where the employees mainly produce solid wood and veneered panel products for kitchens.

Young people participating in the programme were able to learn about the latest technologies, product development and manufacturing solutions at all three sites.

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