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FEMskill ’progress report’ end of 2020


Overall, the period ending at the end of 2020 was marked by particularly intensive work. Many activities have been successfully completed and the process of forming mentor-mentored pairs has been completed, and intensive preparation for the mentoring process has begun. Unfortunately, however, the epidemic caused by COVID-19 had a significant impact on project activities, but we made effective use of the opportunities offered by online space.

By the end of 2020, several significant activities had been completed:

• the 2 online partner meetings also took place, the project activities were reviewed, agreed upon and the current reports were prepared several times.

• the planned recruitment, selection and preparation workshops were implemented, both for potential mentors and potential mentees, a total of 16 mentors and 22 mentees were successfully involved, a bilateral mentor-mentor networking workshop was implemented, and a total of 22 mentor-mentees were involved. We have achieved the formation of a couple, of which 2 mentor-mentored pairs have also been formed!

• project communication was continuous, mainly on online interfaces; the 1st and 2nd trilingual joint thematic E-publications were completed; the 2nd bilingual FEMskill E-newsletter was compiled; the 2nd bilingual joint facebook campaign was also launched.

A bilingual description of the project is available here -

Material for mentor-mentee pairs is available here -

E-publication I, ‘Career Guide - Entrepreneurial Career’, is available here:

in Hungarian -

in German -

E-publication II, ‘The Entrepreneurial Mentor’ is available here:

in Hungarian -

in German -

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