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Femskill- Building a great future for female entrepreneurs

Numerous studies have already showed that female entrepreneurs are important in the economic life. They are underrepresented, and have difficulties in accessing financing, trainings, or even developing networking opportunities.


These problems has been well-kown for many years and despite the implementation of several initiatives to enhance women’s representation in the economic life, no cross-border regional focus has been highlighted so far. Project Femskill will build on the partnership’s already existing, specific knowledge, and the already developed multi-module training programme and mentoring scheme. The better elaboration and the tailoring of the already achieved results can be a real help for women in the economic field.

The backbone of the project: Femskill-methodology and network

Let’s have a look to the needs addressed by the methodology and the solutions provided by Femskill.


Entrepreneurship mentoring tailor-made for female entrepreneurs would be a good first step, right? Luckily, the project offers a one-year long mentoring programme for women. Mentoring trainings and trainings on entrepreneurship and for business mentors are also on the to-do list of the AT-HU partnership. A mentor-mentee programme is a great tool, but how to disseminate the knowledge, how to reach even more women in need, how to connect interested parties? Networking events and a joint Femskill network for women would be a good answer!


How does it look like in reality?

The project seeks out the most suitable mentors with relevant experience and also selects potential mentees who just appeared on the start-up map and need assistance to take the first steps to run their business. Once the right persons are found, mentors and mentees prep up, pair up, and good work starts!


This one-to-one approach, the direct connection between experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers is already something unique but the project aims even higher: thematic E-publications in various topics were already published and many more will come, campaigning on their social media site, and keeping the public informed with their periodic newsletters. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, networking activities were carried out thanks to the dedicated women who gathered in the online world from time to time.


So many great results have already been achieved, and so many are still to come!


Are you in shoes like those of these business ladies, or are you just interested in the project? You can find up-to-date information about their activities on its microsite and Facebook page!

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